10 Below

It creeps in the cracks, finding the floor, finding my toes.

Isn’t January over yet?

Lord don’t leave me now, I’ll be a weeping, frozen statue in the backyard.

That littlest candle still has a flame, don’t let that draft,

blow out my heart.


I look up but my chin goes down.
I focus, then it all goes blurry.
I whisper God’s name, and it fades.
I cry out to the Lord, and he hears.
Strength has left me.
Joy has stayed in my pocket.
Love is a fleeting feeling.
Sleep is my only safe place.
Why won’t the devil move on?
I need to sleep with my armour on.
The battle is here.

Chin Up

Suffer suffer
Walk in the knee high snow
Blame the moon
Good soup she said
Follow your path from yesterday
Still don’t feel anything?


Dear Lord, comfort those that have their lives upended with this world’s shaking and blowing powers. We that believe in you, can hold fast to your promises that one day we will meet. We can hold onto that, as we toil thru our lives on this sphere that spins in space. Your Grace will give us hope. Amen

Your Love

Your Love is the only thing that keeps my heart alive.

It’s back in a cave, where it’s been pushed over these years.

Rays of light fill the cave, but don’t reach the heart.

It’s only comfort is knowing God’s Love, knowing God owns it.

He will be there when it comes out.

The light is food, Love, Hope for the heart,.. forever.

The Promise

He will decide if you deserve


He will question you

when he returns.

What you know and how

you spend it, leaves marks.

Disobedience has consequences.

Repent and Praise forever


It’s not an animal,

But it creeps up on you.

It’s not a human,

But it sometimes talks to you.

You can’t see it,

But you feel it touching you inside.

You talk back at it to get out of your house.

It leaves sometimes when you talk to God.

You know he is with you.

But our flesh is always suffering.

At Your Feet

I lay down my anxiety

my loneliness

my fear, at your feet Lord.

I give it to you, so you may give me life.

My path feels dark,

Shine a light for me to see, and follow.

I have faith in you Lord, give me strength.




There all uneven

Slippery, cracked.

Gotta take my time

Be sure it feels right.

God is watching over me,

He will catch me if I stumble.

I trust his care.

Blessings of Hope

We pray Blessings of Hope, for I know my brother’s and sisters in Christ want hope for you.

Grace for others comes from within your heart. You spill it out in all occasions, God willing.

Blessings come from God, he watches us and helps us thru the tangled and twisted of this life on Earth.

Keep your eyes on the Lord and he will bring you home.